5 Prominent Ways A Keylogger App Can Save Your Business

5 Insanely Efficient Ways Keylogger Apps Empower Human Recourse Management

We live in the world of future. Every single business process today takes less time and effort than even 10 years ago as everything is operated from a computer. Logistics, accounting, healthcare, etc. – you name an industry and there will be dozens of fitting applications available for both desktop and handheld devices.

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Automation pushes our world forward with seven miles steps. If an entire team was required to get businesses going in the past, a single PC operator can do the job today. Does it mean we’ve achieved greatness via progress? Yes and no.

Motivation VS Pete

People in general and your employees in particular are somewhat lazy by nature. Humans don’t do work unless they are efficiently motivated. But, regardless of how many free cookies you have on your kitchen and how big the X-mass bonus is – people will take it for granted eventually. Motivation isn’t your bread and butter, nor should it be.

Here’s the deal – there’s always this guy who hates to work. Let’s call him Pete. Every team has a Pete and Pete is a zombie. He is your regular guy who isn’t good at his work because he never tried to. And he infects others!

It’s hard for a manager to track such a person as all of the employees are hidden behind their screens and devices. Everyone seems busy tapping those keys on their keyboards like overly energized bunnies. And yet team’s overall productivity as well as performance metrics and KPI’s are breaking the bottom. How’d that happen?

Your employees communicate for a minimum of 8 hours a day. People at work are as close as family in some ways. That’s why everyone knows how great Pete is at not doing his job and getting paid nonetheless. People won’t contact their manager about the situation in seven cases out of ten unless your business operates in Japan. There simply are no Peters in Japan, but relocation is barely a solution.

When your employee notices how much Pete get’s away with he will be infected with the zombie venom. Why should I work hard if there’s a guy who does nothing and receives the same benefits as me? – your team questions themselves. All of that can and will be prevented if you or the responsible manager has the knowledge to punish Pete in time. That’s when the keylogger app steps in.

5 benefits of keyloggers

A keylogger application allows you to track employee activity. The software is designed to monitor data inputs. In simple words it checks out the keys your workers press. If a person logs into social media or googles funny cat memes instead of working on the quarterly report – you will know it.

Here are the benefits:

  • You will know people are using the resources your company has provided them with wisely. You haven’t installed all that hardware and software for their entertainment. Ensure people operate efficiently.
  • You can track and eliminate the threat of zombie Peters. The responsible manager will be empowered to make the hard decisions while based on facts, not instinct. This way every player receives what he deserves.
  • You don’t have to invest in additional trackers or security measures.
  • Logs and snapshots can help employees themselves when it comes to backtracking some activities they’ve done a while ago but need today. There’s no point in wasting time on research or starting from scratch when previous progress is already logged.
  • Those same logs can help if any arbitrage is required. Solid facts will guide the decision to justice.