Track Your Staff With A Keylogger

Hardcore Benefits For Employers

Smart Use Of Keylogges Software: Hardcore Benefits For Savvy Employers!

It’s cool to be a big boss, unless it isn’t. The pressure is unbearable. Deadlines, clients, Skype call and conferences mix up into a ridiculously grotesque bowl of porridge with pinches of businesses and a tablespoon of management.

The worst part is coming up with excuses for missed deadlines. And there are always missed deadlines. If only there could be a cure! But wait, there is!
The benefits of a keylogger

Where does all of the trouble come from? They originate inside of people who are not willing to do their job right. Every organization has these guys who do nothing but gather and redirect monkeys. These workers feel like fish in the sea if an organization lacks dedicated human resource management policies. They bathe in both bureaucracy and absence of it. The only decent solution is control. Control on every single stage of a given project.

A keylogfer can help. It is a specialized piece of software dedicated to track:

  • Visited websites;
  • Time spent per site;
  • Email and chat logs;
  • The app makes random screenshots of whatever is going on at the employees screen at the moment;
  • Browser history,
  • Passwords,

Knowing all of that data would be quite handy, right? No more Facebook in working hours. Productivity at its finest is usually achieved when people are under constant control.

Big Brother is watching

Yeah, some of your new recruits and even old timers might have a problem with a decision of keylogger implementation. We are not perfect, none of us.

We don’t fear the Big Brother that’s watching but rather we are intimidated with the stuff he might see. Even all star players have their bad days. No one can be 100% productive 100% of the time. The trick is to ensure your staff realizes they are not being punished. They are being managed.

Is it even legal?

Keyloggers gather a fair amount of personal data, that’s true. But they are completely legal if your staff is informed about their presence and the computers you’ve installed the app at belong to the company. Oh, and you have no right to disclose any personal info to third parties. But then again – why would you?

This means you have all of the legal rights to install keylogger software on your company’s machines and expect a huge boost in productivity as the result.

Notifiing your staff alone would perform miracles. People won’t be doing the things they are not supposed to regardless of whether you are actually recording or not.

Additionally, a log can work in favor of employees in case any arbitrage is required. With recorded logs lost docs that were “not sent by that other guy in time” disappear as a happening. Everyone’s effective. Your client is happy. You are the king once again. Neat, right?

Is it ethical?

When it comes to ethics – it’s not an easy question. Spying on people is in fact a bad thing. But so is not doing the job you are paid to. If an employee of yours prefers to spend his working hours watching YouTube videos, is it ethical for such a person to receive a paycheck month after month? It certainly is not and yet no one has any trouble with this question.

So, in truth, as long as you do not abuse given power you have both the legal and the moral right to use keyloggers as management solutions in your company. Or do you have a different opinion? Feel free to share it with the world!

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